Herb Clinic

Burlington Herb Clinic is the community clinic located at RAILYARD and is a separately owned cooperative of professionally trained practitioners. We provide access to safe, effective and compassionate support for clients who seek to use herbal medicine for self-care, through flexible one-on-one consultations that rely on the body’s own innate healing capacity. We encourage healthy engagement with the natural world and are committed to lowering barriers to the access of herbal medicines whether due to finances, scheduling requirements, or immediacy of need.

You will be able to meet with a professional herbalist to develop a long-term partnership for your healing journey and also, if desired, access skilled support for urgent needs. The clinic will partner with Railyard Apothecary to provide you with custom-blended herbs and extracts.

Parking: Railyard is located at the end of Battery Street. You will drive past Maple Street into a dirt parking lot, over the railyard tracks to the left. We are the last door on the right of the warehouse buildings, look for Railyard Parking signs. See you soon!

Visit the Burlington Herb Clinic website to learn more and schedule appointments.